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Automatic Fare Collection System

We are very proud of our role as the FIDIC Engineer on the, first in the country, Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system of the MyCiTi Integrated Rapid Transit (IRT) project in Cape Town. We provide technical assistance and project management services for the City of Cape Town on the AFC system, and have been involved from the tender evaluation stage a number of years ago.

The MyCiTi AFC project includes the installation of automatic access control gates at various bus stations, on-board bus fare collection equipment and the establishment of value loading points where commuters can load pre-purchased points on myconnect low value payment banking cards for use on the system and related communication infrastructure. The project furthermore included the establishment of a PCI compliant back-office for the processing of all fare transactions and clearing of funds with the local banking partner.

The MyCiTi AFC system is compliant to the South African National Department of Transport (NDOT) prescribed data structure that resides on the card. The NDOT data structure ensures integration and interoperability of the MyCiTi AFC system with the banking industry, with the ultimate goal of achieving a nationwide Integrated Transit system.